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The You and I Youth Projects are initiatives we run in partnership with other like-minded institutions to enable more youth to take part in changing the world.

Youth For Global Goals – Commonwealth Edition

In our quest to empower more Youth in the Commonwealth, we have developed a well-structured Programme focused on SDGs. Today, the world is home to the largest generation of youth in history, with 1.2 billion aged 15-24 worldwide. What is more, this number is expected to continue to grow: between 2015 and 2030 alone, around 1.9 billion young people are projected to turn 15 years old. In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we must engage a generation of young people who know about the Goals, care about their success and actively works toward their realization. We can be the first generation to end extreme poverty, the most determined generation to end injustice and inequality, and the last generation to be threatened by climate change. .

Youth for Global Goals Commonwealth Edition is a youth leadership exchange program aimed at empowering the youth within the 52 Commonwealth countries through two core programs;

  • Global volunteer

Ambitious enough to believe you can make a positive impact in our world? Well, we believe you can, through volunteering towards the UN Global Goals in any of the 52 commonwealth countries. Duration; 6 weeks.

  • Youth speak

Enabling youth to voice their opinion and take action. YouthSpeak is about converting youth opinion into real world impact. Understand and connect with what young people care about and help empower them to take action on issues that will create a positive impact in our society.


If we don’t change the world, then who will?
Global Volunteer is a cross-cultural experience for youth who want to gain personal development and leave an impact on the world. Experience new cultures. There’s nothing quite like being in a brand new country, living and volunteering with people from all around. Imagine the things you’d learn!

Make your impact
You can make a difference in the world, it starts with that first step. Contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals and tackle the issues you’re most passionate about.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone
If you don’t try and experience new things, you’ll never find your full potential. Challenge yourself, and discover the best version of you.


Creating a movement
We inspire a global movement driven by young people that unites a global community of people and leaders who want to make a difference in society.

Forming a global youth voice
Through a global youth survey, we turn their opinions and thoughts into a global youth voice that amplifies our ability to create sustainable change by first understanding the challenges at hand, and the motivations to enable such change.

Advocating for change
By advocating on behalf of the global youth voice, we aim to work together with decision makers to drive change in areas like education and employment to enable more young people to achieve their full potential.

YouthSpeak Survey
YouthSpeak Survey, run by AIESEC, is a global insight survey created by youth for youth. It is designed to understand what young people care about and how they would like to participate in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and issues that matter to them.

Objectives of Youth for Global Goals Commonwealth Edition

Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We want more than 1 million young people to learn about the Global Goals by 2030 and encourage them to act.

Learn how to contribute towards them. We organize YouthSpeak Forums to engage young people in diverse cross-sector spaces to transform your inspiration into solutions for SDGs.

Act upon the SDGs. Small or big actions, it’s up to you. We can help make your daily choices more sustainable or take you on a volunteering experience for 6 weeks in another country or territory to contribute to a cause you believe in. What action will you choose?



Youth Aware of SDG's Programme


Understand how to contribute


Acting on the SDG's

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