Events Management and Coordination

We help gather together young leaders from around the world to events, empowering them to make lasting connections to create positive change. This is a way to engage our members by their active participation in planning and managing similar youth events.

Event planning and management is at part what YOU and I does. We have developed a winning business strategy required to produce clear, measurable and recognized impact for our clients mainly for youth related events.

We provide all events services under one roof. Our core goal is convenience.  We have the expertise and experience in conception, planning, management and execution of high caliber events along with Transport, Tours, Travel and accommodation booking needed by event participants on a tailor made and personalized basis.

Our services

We offer all the necessary services that relate to event planning and management before, during, and after. Event project management from conception to execution requires high professionalism. We do this is every kind of event, small or large scale. From team buildings, Talks, Forums, Conferences, Summits, Launches, Concerts, festivals, Global Village, Exhibitions, Career fairs, Graduations, Award Events, Competition events, Marathons, formal parties, ceremonies, tours among others.

Our services include;

We support the event owners on creating an agenda best suited to the target audience. This includes specific activities, sessions, and time frame of each agenda item.

We can provide a conference chair, host-specific sessions in the event that includes a master of ceremony and panel moderators. We also provide qualified facilitators for specific sessions and activities at the event based on the event owners’ recommendations.

We train facilitators on a professional and fun way to deliver the event based on the target audience through a facilitators’ camp.

We invite, constantly communicate, and prepare special guests, including keynote speakers and panelists of the event, based on their profiles and experiences as it relates to the event and event owners’ preferences.

We register, pre-screen and select participants of particular events based on event owners’ recommendations.

We create customized feedback forms for participants to share their views and comment on the event’s activities, which helps in ensuring everyone is comfortable.

We collect all the necessary data for each event and analysis it, including the feedback of the event to allow the event owners’ make better decisions for their future events.

We coordinate proper ushering and welcoming guests and participants to the main venue during sessions, during breaks, during meals and supporting facilitators during the sessions to move the microphones around, have different set-ups for specific sessions, provide refreshments to participants or any other support needed during the sessions.

Planning logistics in every detail, coordinating technical processes including venue, equipment, transport, meals, room allocations including check-in and check out.

High quality online and offline branding materials before and during the conference that include posters, banners, fliers and all social media management.

We oversee the set-up of the event venue, including client theme choice and colors. This includes exhibition set-up.

Communicating with event owners, guests, and participants before and during the event to ensure they are constantly updated and have all relevant information.

Professional guest arrival welcome, immigration assistance, guest escort by a trained You and I events team member.

We ensure all guests and participants are properly accredited from delegates, guests, speakers, observers, exhibitors, or any other category in fast and efficient process.

We also help in booking international and local air tickets for the guests and participants.

On ground transportation from the airport to the hotel or venue using local transport system or specific taxi or uber services to ensure safety of all guests and participants.

We identify and categorize available hotels or accommodation facilities near the main venue of the event and help the guests and participants in booking and checking in and out.

Welcome desk staffed on 24 hours basis at the airport and the main accommodation hotels to provide information on all logistical matters.

We have a dedicated team ready to assist the guest and participant on any matter during the day and night. There are dedicated phone numbers and email contact available to attend to any need relating to the event

We organize activities intended to complement the guests and participants beyond the event which include;
1. Wide variety of tourism activities.
2. Car hire
3. Shuttle services.
4. Shopping experience.

We are ready to offer any other additional services beyond what is mentioned above as requested by our clients.

Our events team

At You and I we believe that people our biggest asset. We employ and work with people who have a sound moral value and who believe in what we do. We invest in our people and make sure that they are happy and are getting the most out of their time with You and I. You and I is a client-focused business, we listen to the client and make sure we deliver on what they need and want in the most innovative fashion. You and I is as good as its people and we aim to have the best, most enthusiastic, dedicated and most passionate people working with us. You and I is a family and we endeavor to welcome more people in to that family every year.

Our clients

You and I creates and fosters relationships with everyone we come in to contact with. We are not in the business of selling. We are in the business of relationship development, which in turn, creates ‘sales.’ We develop meaningful relationships with all our clients. People are our key asset, and as such, we treat others as we would like to be treated. Service with a smile, good chat, and leaving people with a warm fuzzy feeling, and the knowledge that You and I is a good, honest, fun, and real company is important to us. The relationships formed with our clients and partners last way beyond the event. You and I nurtures these relationships and offers beyond the expectations of the client.

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