Youth Activities

The You and I Youth Activities are initiative that brings together the young leaders to engage them in making lasting connections to create positive change and exposing them to the world’s most exceptional leaders.

Youth Summit

‘The World We Want’
A safe, stable, prosperous, and sustainable world for all.

The World We Want is safe, stable, prosperous, and sustainable – based on empathy and respect. It is open, sharing, and features equal rights and opportunities. The World We Want acknowledges the power of the individual and the force in joint struggles. The World We Want recognises local action for global impact. The World We Want supports innovation and creativity, yet builds on existing knowledge and documented methods.

This session outlines the world’s existing challenges and presents ideas or methods to encourage the youth to envision the ideal World they all desire and would contribute to building.

It sets the tone for topics that will be explored further throughout the summit.

‘Our Role in the World we want.’
We all have important roles to play.

Major institutions from governments, businesses, academia, and media increasingly take proactive measures to become change-makers. In this session, we discuss how different institutions: from corporates, state-parastatals, civil societies, industry leaders, and NGOs take a leading role as change-makers.

Summit partners share with the delegates on initiatives they have undertaken to bring about change within their environments. Moreover, the panelists encourage the delegation to share their ideas on what roles they can play.

Agenda Of The Summit
Our agenda is divided into two;

  1. A keynote address based on our main pillar Social well-being and breakout sessions based on our foundation pillars and Youth Development Index as You and I.
  2. Workshops based on our pillars and Key performance indicators in our You and I Academy programs;


‘Civic Engagement and Governance/Political Participation’ Workshop
The leaders of tomorrow need to be involved today. The youth must play their role in governance.
How can youth lend their voices to political conversations and play a leading role in evolving the political landscape from the old order?
These are some of the questions this workshop space will seek to answer. For a country to achieve transformative progress, solutions must come from the county’s sources.


‘Academia meets Industry’ and ‘Tech solutions for 21st-century problems’- Innovation that counts Workshop
This workshop addresses the gap between the quality of education that students have versus what employers are looking for. Discussions will be based on the skills and competencies that are missing amongst job seekers as well as what companies and organisations are doing to bridge the gap.
Which are the lessons that can be borrowed from the different initiatives of the company hosting the workshop?
This workshop will also focus on technology and innovation that is changing the face of the world and addressing problems to improve the lives of people. What are the benefits that can be derived from focusing on young tech entrepreneurs, web & mobile phone programmers, designers and researchers?


‘Passion meets Profit’ Workshop
It is said that true leadership passion is the discovery of a belief, reason, idea, conviction, or cause not just to live for, but also to die for, which focuses on benefiting mankind as a whole.
This workshop will focus on how following your passion can be a source of income and fulfillment in life. Delegates will also get to understand how one discovers his or her passion.
The workshop will also focus on the impact of entrepreneurship in the world and how young people can be part of it.
Workshop presenters will share a good case practice of what they have done as an entrepreneur, how sustainable they have been, and the impact they have made so far in the world.


‘Role of the youth in environmental conservation’ Workshop
The workshop focuses on what organisations are doing to conserve the environment. Information on environmental effects will be shared with the youth and a discussion on youth involvement towards conserving the environment in the community around them for sustainable development.

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