You and I Volunteers

The You and I Volunteers will run all You and I Programs and You and I Events. This is primarily geared towards building leadership capacity for members and offering practical work experiences to the Youth participants who have successfully completed the You and I Academy Experience.

If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far go together. The You and I Volunteers shall work as a team (You and I Community) to manage all the You and I Programs You and I Events. The main volunteer team will be made up of You and I Certified Facilitators.

All volunteers that will be facilitating the You and I Academy are required to attend a mandatory in-venue training session prior to the delivery. Training dates and times will be outlined on the mailing list and WhatsApp group and will be re-communicated to you after you have signed up and gone through the selection process to be a You and I Facilitator Volunteer. Please ensure you can attend the in-venue training session, as it is critical that all volunteers are confident and comfortable in their roles.

In order to have a successful programme, it is important that our volunteers commit to all the time that You and I requires of them. This includes all training sessions. The training session allows volunteers to become familiar with their role and the You and I Academy content, and feel confident prior to the weekly delivery sessions. Additionally, during the training session, volunteers will assist with fun activity preparations and programme execution tasks which include, but are not limited to: helping with final content on PPTs, carrying out the mock training to other facilitators to get feedback and gauge your confidence. We need all hands on deck to assist with these tasks and we really appreciate your cooperation.

Official You and I Certification for all Facilitators

All You and I Facilitator Volunteers will receive an official certificate confirming participation in the You and I Volunteer experience, including the number of hours volunteered. You shall be referred to as a You and I Certified Facilitator.

Our goal is to empower the Youth

  1. You and I Volunteers who comprise of young leaders will feel more professionally fulfilled because of their involvement with You and I work.
  2. They will identify more leadership opportunities because of You and I.
  3. We shall foster a safe and inclusive environment among the youth because of this experience.

Why Volunteer?

  1. Gain work experience by supporting You and I work execution.
  2. Interact with like-minded passionate individuals.
  3. Witness real inspirational stories of change from the Youth you interact with.
  4. Give back to your community in a fun and meaningful way.
  5. Earn volunteer hours for school or work purposes e.g community-based attachments.