Summer Camp Team

Facilitators and volunteers

At You and I Summer Camp, we pride ourselves on a professional, highly qualified, and motivated staff. All of our facilitators have been carefully selected from academic institutions around the country for their qualifications, expertise, and experience. They bring with them energy and enthusiasm for teaching and interacting with young people within both our academic and extracurricular programs that are second to none.

In addition to facilitators, we have a team of camp volunteers who will help the students in every step. Our volunteers are brilliant role models and inject energy and enthusiasm into the camp. The success of the camp rests on our dedicated and enthusiastic facilitators and volunteers and their common goal to make the Camp a truly unique and rewarding experience for every student.

You and I Summer Camp attracts students from all over the country, representing over 20 schools, thereby creating a diverse community and exposing students to an exciting variety of cultures, languages, and backgrounds.

There is a staff: student ratio of 1:5 and classes are intentionally kept small in order to provide individual attention and personalized instruction. This creates an encouraging and supportive learning environment for the students, who also have the opportunity of having fun and making new friends from around the country. The close interaction of staff and students, both in and out of the classroom, greatly enriches the academic and elective experience and contributes to the camp being a productive and enjoyable experience for all.

We work together. We play together. We live and grow together.

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