Principals, Parents and Teachers Program

Our program aims at empowering the entire school ecosystem by involving the main stakeholders who include principals, teachers, and parents.

Principals Academy

You and I Principal’s Academy is designed for headteachers, assistant headteachers, principals, assistant principals, and soon-to-be principals involved with secondary education.

The Academy brings You and I premier leadership training to school leaders across Kenya. The inspiring and rigorous learning sessions challenge school heads to adopt a leadership paradigm of release, not control. The various workshops focus on practical skills, and tools administrators can take back to their schools, enabling them to become truly great leaders and take their schools’ performance to the next level.

Teachers Transformational Program

Teachers are one of the greatest influencers on children, as they look up to them for acceptance, hope, and validation. Sadly many teachers do not realize the importance of this power and live a life of mediocrity, average, and discontent.

Teacher Transformation Program seeks to equip teachers to enable them to fulfill their original and true role in the life of students – plant a seed and see to the full realization of the greatness of each child. This program helps teachers discover how to lead themselves and others and develop habits they can use for the rest of their lives.

Parents Club

As stated earlier, You and I “Theory of Change” for more rounded, globally-competitive, disciplined, and orderly young people calls for an inclusive framework involving schools and educational institutions, teachers, personal responsibility by the students, and parents. Key to this approach is promoting through learning, interaction, and dialogue, a core set of responsibilities of schools to teachers, of teachers to students, of parents to their children and students to schools, parents, and society.

Parents can’t be left out in the development of their children. They must be actively involved and supported to enable their children to became great.

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