Our Leadership Farm approach


In our quest to improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools, we have developed a well-structured curriculum for teaching leadership, character, and good habits in children and young people. Our concept of Leadership Farm in schools is a structured and patient process for equipping young people with leadership and soft skills that will change their world-view and better prepare them for life. Hopefully, we will transform the quality of education in the world.

Using our tested You and I Academy Teens Curriculum, our program helps students discover how to lead themselves and others and develop habits they can apply for the rest of their lives.

Cultivating leadership

Leadership Farm is a very patient, systematic, and structured process for teaching leadership, self-confidence, and personal responsibility.

Leadership Farm provides students with activities that will help them learn practical character and life skills that will lead to making positive choices.

Leadership Farm is designed to help students and pupils succeed both in and out of the classroom, by consistently engaging them each two weeks during the school term, as part of the regular school curriculum.
Our sessions and activities will help students reflect on their lives, develop leadership skills, and set goals that will inspire them to succeed.

We have combined several theories, approaches, curricula, and methods into a melting pot of different competencies that we believe will equip and enhance the leadership capabilities of African children and youth.

We use the farming concept of planting a seed, pruning, and taking care of it to produce a healthy fruit or produce.

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