Our Facilitators and Advisors

Facilitators who comprise of young leaders feel more professionally fulfilled because of their involvement with You and I Program. Facilitators have identified more leadership opportunities because of You and I Program. We want to foster a safe and inclusive environment among the youth through this program.
Guided by our advisors, the You and I program is designed to increase students’ academic engagement, active citizenship, and university and workplace readiness through targeted learning tools and resources. Our advisors are leaders and business professionals who bring the outside world of leadership into the classroom, presenting topics that complement the lesson plans.

Our facilitators’ experience

Your role as a facilitator will be to deliver the You and I Program curriculum to the students of the Partnering schools. You shall have a one-hour session every two weeks in a class of at least 50 students. Each class of 50 will have 2 facilitators to support each other and ensure the effective delivery of the program. The curriculum is complete with bi-weekly presentations, activities, and weekly assignments to the students. The program runs between 8 weeks in a term, and we would like to have the facilitators available throughout the term to ensure continuity and connection with the students.

Facilitators training and certification

All facilitators are required to attend a mandatory in-venue training session prior to the school programme delivery. In order to have a successful program, it is important that our facilitators commit to all the time that You and I requires. This includes all training sessions. The training sessions allows facilitators to become familiar with their role and the curriculum content, and feel confident before the bi-weekly delivery sessions at the schools.

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