You and I Summit

When it comes to leadership, today’s youth are not ones to sit around and complain. They take action. For this generation, it’s becoming a ‘leaders of today nation’. They want to make their passion their business and help change the world. And to do so, they are seeking the tools and training to help them. You and I through its two programs, You and I Academy and You and I Connect acknowledges the outstanding learning environments of today’s youth.

Likewise, we realize that specialized curriculum such as Education plus Leadership (E+L) is unable to be taught in great detail. Therefore, You and I partners with other like-minded organizations to supplement learning by offering a deeper leadership development summit. This event also acts as the Commissioning Ceremony of all the youth participants that have successfully completed the You and I Academy.

We strongly believe that the youth are the future of this world. Therefore we want to help the young leaders to relate with this statement and get a chance to create their life’s purpose and God-given Personal Mission Statement to be able to live by them every day of their life. The youth are the leaders of today and therefore we need to play a big role in empowering them especially on their value system. The current trend of generation Y shows that there is a lot of immorality in society targeting Youth. We, therefore, want to focus on helping them identify their values and gifts and improve on them.  

The You and I Summit experience offers the opportunity to exercise leadership skills through fun, fast, practical, hands-on learning experiences that develop confidence and leadership skills.

Activities include

  1. Plenary sessions: The agenda covers various leadership aspects delivered by experienced facilitators.
  2. Guest speakers’ sessions: Leaders and business professionals bring the outside world of leadership into the summit, presenting topics that complement the You and I Academy.
  3. Commissioning: The participants are commissioned to go impact their society after writing down their God-given personal mission statement which is the last task of the You and I Academy.


  1. To commission the Youth participants who have finished the You and I Academy experience successfully. 
  2. To provide a platform for the youth to meet and interact with great leaders of the society who could potentially become their mentors through the guest speakers’ sessions.
  3. To enable the youth to interact with each other as a way of building friendship and long relationships even after the You and I Academy Experience, thus creating a network of leaders in the You and I Network under You and I Community. 

Benefits of the summit

  1. Social responsibility: In a changing society, leadership is the path to the improvement of values that also stimulates healthy living.
  2. Real-World Experience: Putting leadership lessons in context makes learning relevant to young people, who can connect to theory with real-world consequences and clear benefits.
  3. Applied Learning: The summit engages participants through experiential learning as they process setbacks and successes and learn directly from personal experience as they continue working towards their God-given personal mission.