You and I Safari

First, you need to experience the world, when you experience it then you begin to understand it, when you understand it then you can change it. You and I Safari is impactful, life-changing and provides young travelers with the unique opportunity to volunteer at community development projects as they experience the beauty of the country.

This is also aimed at creating cultural awareness and promoting local and international tourism. The whole idea is to get young people from different places around the world and have them interact directly with the local people and the wonderful nature including heritage sites and tourist attraction sites.

You and I Safari key objectives

1. To identify various challenges facing the communities living around the tourist sites.
2. To showcase the beauty of the country and the cultural communities within the country.
3. To create interaction between locals and international volunteers.
4. To develop soft skills within the volunteers while promoting both local and international tourism.
5. To outline various improvements that could be made to better the local communities.

You and I Safari expected outcomes

1. Leave a mark
Visit a community project and work side by side with locals on sustainable development that help remove the barriers to the most pressing issues in the area for example education and health.
2. Engage with communities
Spend time with local community members and put real faces, names, and stories to the impact of your volunteer work.
3. Get a local experience
Experience the sights and sounds of a new culture and have one-of-a-kind adventures led by expert local guides on a journey off the beaten path.
4. Develop leadership skills
Participants learn lifelong leadership skills through customized workshops and activities. Groups build confidence and gain the tools to turn their trip experience into action at home.