You and I Endorsement

“I fully endorse the vision Simon and his team have for young people which they would like to pursue through You and I program and clubs in schools and that is the need to enhance leadership capacity in young people. It is my view that this exactly what we need at this time in our country as we have suffered from a lack of role models in leadership and we really need to start working towards the change we need from an early age while they are still in high school. This is the time when they still have the idealism of youth that can be molded or even swiftly eroded if the opportunity is missed.

I have reviewed the You and I Teen program and it is well tailored to meet the leadership development needs of the young people targeted. I am currently serving as the Vice Chairman of the Strathmore University Council and Director at Centre for Personal Leadership and I feel that leadership development among the young people of the country is the surest way for seeking a sustainable transformation for our country. There is currently an excessive emphasis on material development as opposed to mental and spiritual development resulting in an erosion of ethical values as people pursue material wellbeing at all costs. Through a leadership program such as the one proposed, the young people can be trained to adopt an alternative paradigm for their own well-being and the well-being of their institution and the country at large.

I am convinced that by the time the high school students leave University having been exposed to this type of program, they will go on to be positive leadership role models in University and off course our future business, civil and political leaders whom we can rely on to be well grounded in the practice of constructive and progressive leadership.

You and I is also keen to promote the Sustainable Development Goals among the youth and the African Union agenda 2063 which has really helped create awareness on the global goals to the youth who hold the key to their achievement.

I highly recommend that you collaborate and find a way to collaborate with Simon and You and I and the vision it espouses for our young people.  It’s is a great addition for your school, company, the country and world at large.”

Dr. Caesar Mwangi

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