You and I Connect

You and I Connect talk series complements the You and I Academy Experience. Through engaging conversations with leaders across the world You and I Connect seeks to inspire a positive attitude among the youth while calling for action. At You and I, we believe that great leaders act to better themselves and those around them.

The goal here is simply to build a robust community of leaders from different walks of life. Each month we host a guest speaker who is a leader that is passionate about youth development and committed to seeing them become better citizens and influencers of their society.

We invite young people to join the conversations and interact with our guest speakers who mainly comprise their fellow young leaders who have inspiring and impactful stories. Storytelling is a powerful tool in changing the world. Young people need to share their own stories while many others listen and You and I Connect is a perfect space to do that. Our hope is that we can also have this youth join our You and I programs and these talks will give us an opportunity to share more about our programs. As our You and I Community grows, more impact is achieved and the world is in a better place as a result of that. 

The guest speakers challenge the participants to take a specific action that makes ‘A Better You and I’ based on the topic of the day and share their action point on various social media platforms tagging the speaker and all You and I platforms using #abetteryouandi. The speaker will also host a Master Class for a specific group interested in learning more about the topic.  This way, we get to actively monitor what the youth are doing to make a difference in a big or small way. This also acts as an inspiration to many other Youth in the world who get to act causing a ripple effect that the media, public and private entities can not ignore. This is how we shall keep changing the world for better one action at a time with our hashtag #abetteryouandi