Who we are

You and I Community is an initiative by You and I that complements the You and I Academy.

Through our You and I Academy programs, we enable people to identify the local and global issues that spark their passion, and then we empower them with the tools to take action.

The programs provide the youth with curriculum, educational resources, and a full calendar of action ideas. Through You and I Community, the members gain an understanding of the root causes of pressing issues like unemployment, poverty, and lack of education and explore what they can do to help. They also plan at least one local and one global action to improve their community and the world.

Guided in school by You and I Community Leaders, the You and I programs are designed to increase students’ academic engagement and provide them with a lifelong connection with You and I even when they grow older.

Our You and I Community has three engagement platforms;

  1. You and I Clubs
  2. You and I App
  3. You and I Network

You and I Clubs

You and I Club is a movement of young people who believe in actively contributing to the social change in the world in line with sustainable development goals.

We’re counting on young leaders to guide the next generation in becoming the compassionate leaders our world so desperately needs. The You and I Club is our way of supporting the youth who share our belief in the power of service-learning.

You and I Club members feel empowered and equipped to lead at school, in their communities, and in their future careers.

Objectives of the You and I Clubs

1. To transform the youth

To make students take action to improve the lives of others in their own community and abroad.

Youth in the program will see themselves as agents of change.

To make students more likely to inspire others to solve social problems.

2. Empower community leaders

Community leaders who comprise of youth will feel more professionally fulfilled because of their involvement with You and I Club.

Community leaders have identified more leadership opportunities because of You and I Club.

To foster a safe and inclusive environment among the youth because of the leadership experience.

3. Prepare young leaders

Motivate the youth to start their own business or seek fulfilling jobs because of their involvement with You and I Club and not just because work is part life.

The youth will mention You and I Club as an achievement on their resume.

Employers will react positively to seeing You and I involvement on their resume.

How does it work

1. Establish the You and I Club in your school: Actively participate in the You and I activities through our You and I Academy.

2. Discover your issue and develop your skills: Deepen your students’ knowledge and understanding of local and global issues. Before you take action, you’ll want to explore the issues you’re passionate about. The more you know, the better able you will be to understand how you can contribute in meaningful ways to sustainable solutions.

3. Take action: Create and develop actionable ideas and plan milestones, then get out there and do it!

4. Record your impact: Update us on your students’ progress and tell us about how you made an impact.

5. Share and celebrate: Reflect as a group and report on your students’ learning and actions. Celebrate your impact.

You and I App

You and I app is a platform for making a positive impact on the world, one action at a time. Download the You and I app and join other like-minded individuals in exploring and sharing challenges, getting tips for how to be change-makers in your community both at the local level and globally and earning your way to a You and I events near you.

How does it work

Earn your way to You and I events in 3 easy steps

  1. Create an account by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. If you don’t have a compatible device, visit youandi.co.ke/app to create an account online.
  3. Select your preferred You and I event that includes our summits, forums, summer camps, Awards, safaris and other programs and projects.

Start tracking your volunteer hours! Remember: 1 hour = 1 ballot! To qualify, hours can be logged up to 1 month prior to your preferred event. The more hours you log, the better your chances are to earn your way to a You and I Event.

Winners will be drawn at random prior to each You and I event and notified by email.

Join You and I Community

  • A broad network of passionate, empowered youth
  • Exclusive, inspirational content featuring your favourite change-makers and fearless influencers of society
  • An easy way to log volunteer hours and earn a ticket to You and I events.
  • Access to watch all You and I events and behind-the-scenes content
  • Tips for taking positive action
  • Fun challenges, to explore, share and complete, earning badges for your profile

Why You and I App?

Every small action makes a difference. When we work together, it can make a real and powerful change. The You and I app connects you to a broad network of passionate, empowered youth who share successes, collaborate on challenges and create impact. All these actions add up to building a better world. Best of all it’s about inspiring others and inviting friends to join the movement!

As a student both in high-school or university, your school can use the app to bring social issues and real-world causes into the classroom. You and your classmates can work together to track volunteer hours or take challenges. You can also create a class group to share your progress and discuss successes, or rally around campaigns, community action or issues related to study topics. It’s about really connecting with your world!

Main Activities

  1. Earn badges through the challenges.
  2. Earn ballots through volunteering.

The challenges

Challenges are activities shared in the app, each one contributing to making the world a better place. You can choose which ones to tackle, playing your part in making an impact. Challenges are organized into causes which you can support, such as cleaning the environment, enriching education, alleviating poverty or promoting human rights.

Completing challenges also helps you earn badges for your profile. With the You and I app, you can truly build a track record of the positive impact you make!

Inspire others to make a difference by sharing your impact on Facebook, instagram or Twitter!

The volunteering hours

Ballots are earned by logging volunteer hours within the app. This way, even more people from your school can get involved with You and I volunteer!

NOTE: Winners will be drawn at random prior to each You and I event and notified by email. All volunteer hours will need to be verified to qualify for a You and I Event ticket.

How do I join You and I App?

The app can be downloaded on iOS and Android. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can use the web version. To create an account you’ll just need an email, or you can sign in using Facebook, instagram or Twitter.

For the mobile app use iOS and Android phones.

For the web app, simply visit youandi.co.ke/app using a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.

You and I App value add


  • Have an online group discussion with your classmates.
  • Share study notes.
  • Invite a speaker to talk on an issue you are studying on a live view and engage in conversations online.
  • Watch pre-recorded and live class sessions.


  • Use badges and ballots for online shopping.
  • Movie, meals and shopping discounts-Use your badges and ballots to get discounts in selected malls and e-commerce companies that have partnered with You and I.

You and I Network

You and I Network is the alumni entity of You and I.

Once you are a  member of You and I, you will always remain a member through lifelong connection.

The mission is to unite You and I alumni and harness their shared experiences, beliefs, capabilities and capital of trust to better their lives and make a difference in the world.

They achieve this through our programs that enable alumni to connect, collaborate, contribute and learn from each other while teaching and sharing their wisdom with the younger generation of You and I members.

Are you ready to join the
You and I Community?

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