You and I Academy

You and I Academy is a Youth Leadership transformation model that acts like the operating system of a computer. It improves the performance of all other programs and equips students with the self-confidence and skills they need to thrive in the 21st-century economy. The You and I Academy is an introduction to personal leadership in young people.

Our work is based on the notion that young people can become leaders in their chosen field of endeavor if given exposure to concepts of leadership and the opportunity to demonstrate their skills through positive social action. Our passion is to support young people to be all that they were created to be. 

Education plus Leadership (E+L) Programme

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Leadership is the fundamental solution to all world issues.

The You and I Academy is a structured process for teaching leadership, moral behaviors, self-confidence, and personal responsibility. It provides students with activities that will help them learn practical character and life skills that will lead to making positive choices. It has two primary focuses; Soft skills development and leadership. 

Our sustainable Leadership Development Model (LDM) represents a key value proposition that You and I Academy gives to the world. It is the core of the operations of our programs. It is the process that we use to enable the students to be ready to realize their fullest potential.

Leadership qualities we develop in partnership with AIESEC

  • Self Aware: “I know what I am good at, what’s important to me, and what I am passionate about. I am constantly exploring what I want to achieve in my life.”
  • Empowering others: “I am able to communicate ideas clearly, engage in meaningful conversations with others, and co-create spaces of collaboration that empower people to take action.”
  • Solution orientation: “I come up with solutions to challenges. I am flexible, and I am always ready to take the necessary risks. Every time I fall, I always stand back up.”
  • World Citizen: “I am aware of what is going on in the world and enjoy taking an active role in contributing towards making it a better place for everyone.”

The challenges facing young people and our world grow more complex every day, affecting citizens, communities, and the environment. The world needs fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and visionary leaders who make things happen. These leaders are value-based and entrepreneurial leaders who pursue both economic and social value and create not only financial wealth but a wealth of opportunities for others.

Our Learning environment:

Individual Discovery and reflection

This is where you find the opportunity to build your own big-picture understanding in order to draw conclusions about yourself. People do this through exploration, interaction, journaling, personal development plan, goal setting, and dialogue.

Team Experience

Teams are the basis of all individuals’ experiences in You and I since they join the organization. Teams show us how to put in practice the principle of learning by doing. Our teams need to be the place where we create space for innovation and activity based on our individual interests.

One on One

Our lives are spent understanding ourselves and the coaching session or mentorship is very important in this process. The key to the process is to remove the individual from his/her comfort zone enough to help them gain objectivity over themselves but not to scare the individual off.

Learning Circles

Learning circles are local learning groups formed by members who share a common interest in gaining experience, knowledge, and networks in a common sector or topic. Learning circles can have different focuses and participants with different levels of knowledge. People may be part of more than one, and attendance is based on interest. This process can be facilitated by a more experienced member and mixing different tools like books, articles, motivational videos, etc.

Virtual Spaces

Our virtual spaces also play a critical role in tying together the entire learning environment. Elements in virtual spaces are communities (information and resource sharing), forums (virtual discussion and perspective sharing), blogs (personal reflection and experience sharing), and building & keeping networks, or other opportunities and information available on the World Wide Web.