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Your support will create a sustainable and lasting impact for the youth, families and communities.

With your help, You and I empowers youth and communities to better the world globally and at home by providing resources that create Sustainable Development through all our You and I Programs and You and I Events particularly our holistic sustainable Leadership Development Model (LDM) that addresses the skill gaps among the Youth giving them an opportunity to impact their community positively. Our unique partnership with other organizations ensures that You and I achieves a remarkable rate of financial efficiency. This means that on average, 90% of your donation will directly support our projects and programs.

The Youth are mostly referred to as future leaders, which is true. They are also the indispensable resources we have in our world today. Hence, education must empower the Youth with life skills, build character and assimilate information, imbibe values, teach them to respect and act with responsibility. If we achieve this, we are creating an empowered and enlightened generation for tomorrow.

If the Youth are however devoid of critical thinking, communication and creative leadership skills they will be vulnerable to various unhelpful and unlawful practices which will serve as an impediment to development. The provision of holistic education should not only be a responsibility of the government, but also of its citizens.

Therefore, while governments take actions to implement effective educational policies that impart knowledge, we at You and I take the responsibility to inculcate good attitude and effective character formation in the Youth. We cannot do it in a vacuum and need the support of stakeholders in various capacities.

In any country, both state and non-state actors need to step up strategies to adequately and completely prepare young people for a balanced and productive work life, which will spearhead economic growth and foster unity.

To this effect, there is a need for a well-crafted and strategically developed leadership programme that will carefully reach out, train, and cultivate the next generation of leaders for every sector of the economy of which You and I has set the pace. You too can be part of this. 

In the first year of our establishment, we engaged more than 2,000 youth in our programs and so far have directly engaged more than 5,000 young leaders in our different programs. Every year we plan to engage another 2,000+ youth and work with the young populations (Reach), in more significant numbers (Breadth) and in more meaningful ways (Depth). We hope to impact more than one million lives in the next 50 years through partnerships. This is quite an ambitious goal but we believe it can be done with your support and generous donation. Join the movement. 

The world is counting on You and I to make a difference.